Problem with Form Input/Keyboard on Orientation Change

Link to sample code -

The issue is that if we are having the text-field in ion-content then the textfield is having issues in landscape. The issue can be reproduced by following steps:

  1. Tap 1st text field on screen in Portrait mode.
  2. Change the orientation to ‘Landscape mode’.
  3. Tap ‘>’ option in the keypad
  4. Tap ‘>’ option in the keypad
  5. Tap Done on keyboard.
  6. Tap 1st field again.
  7. Tap ‘Backspace (x)’ key in the prompted keypad.
  8. keyboard is not responding.

If we are not having the textfields in ion-content(ion-content is removed/commented) then the above issue is not observed.

Also on tap of the 3rd or 4th textfield the header is pushed up and goes out of visibility.
We want the header to be visible and resolve the issues in text field in landscape mode.