Problem with assets after loading update using deploy

Hi, I am trying to use the deploy functionality but I am having an issue after downloading an update. After a lot of debugging it seems to go down in this piece of code:

  return this.http.get('assets/data/data2016.json')

  private handleError (error: Response | any) {
    console.log("An error occurred, trying to find out more");

If I don’t use the deploy-update feature it works fine. If I deliberately enter a wrong file name, for instance use data2017.json, I get this clear message from the error handling code:

2017-02-11 11:16:54.470843 Luminis DevCon[9639:7035185] {"_body":"","status":404,"ok":false,"statusText":"Not Found","headers":{"Server":["ionic.local"],"Content-Type":["application/json"],"Connection":["Close"],"Content-Length":["0"]},"type":2,"url":"http://ionic.local/var/containers/Bundle/Application/E5531FA8-8C45-42B1-9D4A-FF4DD92271A7/"}

This message is coming from the logs when running in an iOS iPhone 6s simulator.

Now when I enable the deploy-update functionality and reenabling the file that available data2016.json, I get this message in the logs:

2017-02-11 11:31:13.564 Luminis DevCon[81090:13442032] {"_body":{"isTrusted":true},"status":0,"ok":false,"statusText":"","headers":{},"type":3,"url":null}

I have been trying to get this to work now for 2 days, would be great if you have an idea of something I can try.

This “isTrusted:true” error message seems to be a real pain, lots of postings on this. Often you can fix it by working on the “Access-Control-Allow-Origin”, but this is not really relevant for your problem.

This could maybe help you figuring out a bit more:

Thank you Sujan12, however I still get the same message. Hope others have other ideas. Still is really preventing me from using the deploy feature.