Problem starting Ionic 2 sidemenu project

Windows 10 x64
Node 4.4.2

  λ ionic start testApp sidemenu --v2
  Creating Ionic app in folder c:\Ionic2\testApp based on sidemenu project
  [=============================]  100%  0.0s
  [=============================]  100%  0.0s

When trying to create a test sidemenu app, it’s hanging for me at this spot. Taskmgr shows the Node.js process taking around 30% CPU and the memory is fluctuating between ~70mb - ~150mb

Can anyone replicate this for me? Is it something to do with the github issues? I’ve tried restarting my PC, and no change.


I could be wrong (or impatient…) but I think I am having the exact same issues on OSX as well. Freezing in exactly the same place (though top is not showing heavy CPU usage)

I have the same problem

Hi there! Could you both paste your ionic -v?

ionic -v

Hey there , not at PC right now but pretty sure it’s beta 24

I had the same issue on Mac this morning

Morning, just confirming the version number is


and still having issues this morning.


I think this issue similar to this

Yeah that is exactly the issue

I’m having same issue

Ahh alright. Yep, let’s keep the conversation on the issue. I know tim is planning on addressing this. Seems to be an issue with the unzip module we have in place. Look like we need to either change it or update it

same here: sidemenu --v2 --ts

Hi, Having same issue with 2.0.0-beta.24.

Is there any updates on the issue?

Hi, If you want project with sidemenu by default there is an alternate.

ionic start MyProject tutorial --v2 --ts (–ts if you want in Typescript).

I get: There was an error with the spawned command: npminstall

I was having the same problem with Ionic 2.0.0-beta.25 on Win7.

Reinstalled the latest version of nodejs and ran the nodejs command prompt in Administrator mode, that fixed it.

For what it’s worth, I’ve just updated to beta 25 and it seems to be working now. I’m not sure if that’s the beta update, or an update to the that gets downloaded but either way, it works!


Beta25 and Node/npm update worked for me on Win 10.
I tried before updating to beta25 and it did not work, so I assume it is the update not the sidemenu starter itself.

How does one get notified of these updates? eg: beta25

Thanks, perhaps elaborate on how you installed a specif version of the beta. Or did you simply specify ionic@beta

I just ran npm install -g ionic@beta again and it picked up the latest one