Problem in ToggleButton while referring ionic.bundle.js

Hi Team,

I have referred the ionic.bundle.js file (v1.2.4) in my application along with third party script file.
When I try to render the third party component (Toggle button), it rendered fine. But when I click the toggle button, it won’t triggered its click event.
When I remove the ionic.bundle.js file, and try to click the toggle button, now click event triggered in the toggle button.

So I confirm that click event is prevented because of ionic.bundle.js file.


I render the toggle button.
After debugging, I found that

“< span id=“check50-wrapper” class=” tbtn-wrap widget">
< input type=“checkbox” id=“check50” togglebutton="" showroundedcorner=“true” defaulttext=“dText” activetext=“aText” size=“size” click=“bclick” class=“togglebutton js chkbx-hidden tbtn” tabindex=”" name=“check50”>
< label for=“check50”>
< button class=“togglebutton btn tbtn select btn-large txt corner” role=“button” tabindex=“0” type=“button” data-role=“none” aria-pressed=“false”>Play
< /label>
< /span>"

When I click the toggle button, initially tapClick(e) function in ionic.bundle.js hits,

–In that I get “button” element in “container” variable
–And “input” tag in “ele” variable
–So “triggerMouseEvent(‘click’, ele, c.x, c.y);” triggers the hidden “input” element only and ----not the “button”. Hence the toggle button not fired.
–But I need to trigger the “button” when I click on toggle button, while i include the ionic file in my application.

I know instead of tag, if we give span or div , problem will be solved. but actually control render like this. Please provide me any other suggestion for me

Also I reported this problem to that third party component support team.
Please help me out from this problem. I am waiting for your valuable response how to overcome this.

Very much thank you in advance.


Francis Paul A

Hi Guys,

After go through forum, I got an idea.