Problem Focus on inputs When Modal and Ion-slides


I encountered a problem with an Input Text in a Modal, and an input Text in the parent view which contains ion-slides.

Here is a codepen for this problem :

To reproduce it : I used Safari on an Ipad (so with a Web-app)

  • Open the Modal
  • focus on the input text “comment”
  • Then, use the button of iOS keyboard which permits to focus to another input. (below is an image to show these buttons). The next input is on the parent view (last slide).
  • Then leave the modal.
  • All UI is “broken”, there is a problem with slides which are no more at the right place.

I hope you’ll understand the problem.
Maybe the problem is because I used it with Safari but it is sad…

Thanks by advance

I too have the same issue. You may check this link, where you can find a kind of dirty solution for this. If you find another answer please kindly update there.

Thanks for your help, but it seems to don’t work for me…
Do I have to use a directive for this ?

In fact this iOS button seems to don’t be catch by document.addEventListener(“keydown”… All others events on keyboard are…

Finally I did a trick quite dirty but which works like a charm :

I added two input fields which are hidden. One before the main of Modal, and another after this one. When one of those hidden fields are focused, I hide the Modal…

Waiting for a better solution, but works well…