Problem building with templateUrl

I encounter a problem with html not being copied to the build directory. I generated a new application with the ionic command, which runs perfectly. Then I changed the ‘app.component.ts’ from template to templateUrl as follows:

templateUrl: ‘build/app.component.html’
//template: <ion-nav [root]="rootPage"></ion-nav>

And add an app.component.html, containing the ion-nav tag. After this change the project no longer builds correctly, mentioning that app.component.html can’t be found in the build directory.

How can I correctly use the templateUrl and split my html from my typescript?

Modify all templateUrl’s to be relative to the .ts file. For example in app.component.ts the url should change from build/app.html to app.html and in a page referencing about.html from build/pages/about/about.html to about.html.

From the changelog.

Hope that helps,

Yes, that works!

This does mean that the tutorial is outdated, it states that “In this component, we set the template to be the file at build/app.html, which is a compiled version of app/app.html, let’s take a look!” on page