Problem about Retrieving Data from firebase with angularfire 2

My problem is about firebase lists , my app is consist of 2 Catoriges level , The High level cat like in the uploaded json file , is electronics , in the electronics there are 3 arrays , one for the electronics info (Cat Info) , Other for the second Level like pc&laptop or tv&sounds , and in the second level cat array called CatInfo , It different from Electronics “catInfo” , iwant to show the 2 second level “catInfo”,
and this is the code :
The Ts File :

And This The Html FIle :

The Result is :
And This is The Result :
self.context.$implicit.$key.catInfo is undefined

I think cat.$key.catInfo.color should be cat.catInfo.color.

Add this after to see what has returned.

  <p>{{ cats | async | json}}</p>

i have modfied it and it retun null …

Should have said…

Add this after <ion-content padding> to see what has returned.

  <p>{{ cats | async | json}}</p>