Previous Page Not Hiding After Pop() With Swipeable Tabs in Ionic 3

I am using Ionic 3 everything works fine in Android but not in iOS.

From HomePage (this is the root page which has the Supertab), I used the code below to go to the DestinationPage:[0].push(DestinationPage);

When going back to the HomePage, I used


but nothing happens, same as


nothing happens too.

I tried

let currentIndex = this.navCtrl.getActive().index;
                      this.navCtrl.push('HomePage').then(() => {

I also tried

let currentIndex = this.viewCtrl.index;
                      this.navCtrl.push('HomePage').then(() => {

Both the last two sets of codes above seem to make the HomePage the active page but it doesn’t hide the DestinationPage, because I tried clicking randomly on the whole screen and the buttons were actually clicked. Those buttons that were clicked are on the root page (HomePage) which is behind the DestinationPage that should be hidden. The DestinationPage’s UI doesn’t seem to go away.

What I want is to remove the DestinationPage’s UI once I close it and go back to the HomePage.

Anyone? TIA.

The code below seems to have the same result to my app as the 2 codes above.'HomePage');

I hope someone could help.