Preview pdf / download

Hi ionic community members,

Can some one help me, or give me some direction. I would like to preview PDF files within our APP. But the PDF Preview native isn’t working.

So the idea is, an user logs in to their account, and they are connected through API to their account which stores PDF files. They have their account on our WEB-APP, but now I want them to be able to preview them within the app and also download them to their phones.

Does someone can point / explain me the best way to do this?

Thank you

Why doesn’t this work?

Hi Sujan12,

Thank you for responding, when I install it and at it to my modules and to the pages where I want to load them, it keeps giving an error.

But maybe you could explain me if I handling this subject good. The thing we wan’t to have is:

We load from outside the app (our database) PDF files. Each users has different documents, so ones they are logged they have access to there PDF files. Is PDF preview from ionic the best way to show them. For every PDF files I LET a ion-item, when you click it opens a modal.

I would like to show the pdf, inside the modal if possible. Hope I’m explaining myself.

Thank your for helping!