Prevent scrolling while swiping on ion-item


currently, if you are swiping to the left on an ion-item with an ion-option-button given, the list scrolls vertically. This behaviour is really annoying when trying to show the ion-option-button and reduces the usability. You can see this happening here ->

Is there a way to prevent scrolling the content/list while the user swipes on an ion-item?



I’m seeing the same issue, I filed a bug on GitHub to track:

I’m also seeing this issue.

Like to know if anyone has ideas or work arounds. Perhaps a broadcast to the scroller when ever its swiping, but not sure where exactly look.


+1 Same issue.

There’s several annoying issues with parent containers scrolling/swiping when you only want the child to scroll/swipe. For example, I have no idea how you could do nested ion-slidebox’s, but it would be a very nice feature to have. As it is now, swiping a child slidebox will cause both the inner and outer slides to move.


I Have created a nice directive that allows for left and right slide items in addition to the primary one. I have been wanted to share this with IONIC team for some time now. But I think I need a bit of polishing to do and will be glad to share it.



That sounds great, I’d be very interested in seeing that! It’s something I’ve been wanting to implement for a while now but wasn’t really sure where to start.

I’ve put in a fix, please give the nightly build a test, thanks.

I’ve tested on iOS 8 and it works like a charm! :blush: