Prevent non ionic css from getting removed

I’m adding bootstrap classes (namely ‘alert alert-info’) to a div tag contained within the ion-view->ion-content tags in a template. When I inspect the div tag in a browser, I’m noticing these bootstrap classes are removed.

  1. What’s the rational for Ionic to do so?
  2. How does one prevent it?

I can’t speak to the rationale (although I think it has to do with how Angular directives are used) but I’ve had success using ng-class="alert alert-info" instead of class="alert alert-info".

Had tried both besides other before posting here but they don’t work!

Understand Ionic is highly opinionated but it doesn’t make sense to restrict a designer in such a way. This kind of decisions should be left to the designers and not dictated by the framework.

Not sure where your issues are, or if your including the css before or after ionics css, but we do not want to restrict designers. Being one myself, I actually prefer to create my own styles built on top of ionic.

Just make sure you include your css after ionic.

thanks, reordering the css file ref sequence does the trick, missed that one, thought I had covered all the possibilities before wasting other people’s time. You guys are doing a great job with this framework!