Prevent member to join his own event

I want to prevent member to join his own event in my app.
When member click on join button, he has a alert pop up with message.

I’ve test this code :

$scope.joinEvent = function(authData, Event) {
  var currentuser = authData.uid;
  var hostuser = hostid;
    if (currentuser == hostuser) {
  alert("Oups! Tu ne peux pas rejoindre ton propre événement !");
}  else {
               $state.go('tabconfirme/:eventname/:eventdescription/:eventdate/:eventhour/:eventpr   ice/:eventnbguest/:eventpicture/:eventsurname/:eventlat/:eventlng/:eventdistance/:   eventplace/:eventmail/:eventphone');

Please help me … Thanks for your time.

PS: I use Ionic with AngularJS, this question is a copy of question unsolved in StackOverFlow.

I can give you more informations …

I can see why this question is still unsolved at SO.

Please provide us with a working example. If this specific feature is too complex try to dumb it down. If you still can’t create a working example than at least explain us this specific use case. And what most important tell us what’s going wrong.

Working examples can be found here:

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As @Gajotres said, it’s difficult to answer from your post, also I’m not sure about how much a beginner you are.

Do you know how to use the debugger in browser? Because your solution could be as simple as setting a breakpoint in your controller and inspecting values of currentuser and hostuser, maybe they are not what you think they are or maybe you should use ===

Something is definitely wrong in the way you use params, have a look at different ways to share data between states in angular-ui router.