Prevent Ionic App From Decompling

Hello Team,

Is there any way to prevent our apps from decompiling or reverse engineering the application.?

Long and short of it, not really, but you can prevent them from understanding it.

So if I download a .apk or .ipa, it’s easy to crack and extract the raw data from it.
But with v2 and app-scripts --prod build, we minify and uglify the code. This makes just one line that is hard to read/understand. They can still access your code, but it’s like giving someone a book in language they cant read.

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Building off what @mhartington said, don’t expect uglification to be sufficient for storing mission-critical secret things (like encryption keys). Assume that anybody with access to the apk/ipa has access to any constants stored in it.

To follow up on this, does this also somehow apply to assets?

Thanks For all your support.