Preparing for release: iOS and Android


Hello all, so I’m preparing my very first app for App Store release.

Obviously, I want to optimize my app so that its hard to reverse-engineer, get rid of what I don’t need etc.

I’m a little confused
a) talks about a rather detailed process to minify/clean. On the other hand Ionic app dev with gulp minify compress etc talks about using gulp to minify. Then there is ionic-minify - Which is the most reliable/easiest?

b) I am already using JSHint in my project from day one, so I hope minifying it won’t create a problem

c) Then there is a suggestion that I should get rid of console.log. I use console.log for debugging. Do I really need to get rid of it? If I do, how do I convert console.log to some mechanism where people using my apps can send me debug logs?

d) Any other tips?