Pre-sale question for newbee

As a html/js/css/php/mysql webdev i now have newly (excited) interest in developing apps. Ionic Pro seems a great choice, but some thing are still unclear in my quest to find the right platform to start with:

  1. Is it true that in the Creator (Pro, so in the cloud), i can only use ionic v1 items?

  2. Using Pro, i dont need any local installation, except a browser, is this correct?

  3. Using Pro, can i use this particular plugin for in-app purchases? (since it is not on this supported page: )

  1. Can i buy already made-themes from the marketplace and paste this/re-use this in the editor? Will this work?

Thank you people!

I am not very experienced with Creator but what I have seen, most of the coding is still in angular 1 (ionic 1). Ionic 2 (angular 2 hence) is in Alpha. Message when starting a v2 project:

our Ionic Project ZIP Export will be an Ionic 3.2.0 project!
Everything in Creator is still Ionic 1. The Preview, Creator Mobile, Share features, etc, are all still using Ionic 1 code. There are NO Custom Code or Theming capabilities for Ionic 2/3 projects.

Ionic View is being abandoned and the plugin list only applies to Ionic View. You will be able to use all cordova plugins, including in-app. No experience using it.

Regardin 4: do you mean in the Ionic Creator editor: if it is angular 1 (ionic 1) code, I guess so. If you mean: any editor, then definitely yes.

I think you will be able to use all Ionic UI elements to build your UI

No local installation needed for Pro. Only a browser. Except for your dev environment obviously, if you want to code in vscode and build locally.


Hi Tom! Thank you, so fast :slight_smile:
Yes, regarding #4: in the editor yes. can i inject premade templates from f.e. the marketplace in there?

And, since i’m comparing so many platforms now: Any good other IDE platforms for creating apps from a-z in an easy environment (although i dont mind coding) that you like?
(So far i’ve looked at f.e., appery, appcelerator, eachscape, buildfire (expensive) … ionic pro looks great.

Thanks brother :slight_smile:

No knowledge in nocoding, so cant advise

I dont think ionic market apps are guarenteed to work fuly in creater (if u copy/paste). Not sure if the editor can handle various code tweaks and customisations

If at all in angular v1

And if u are willing to learn coding then dont go for angular 1, if at all angular

Maybe wait what is happening with ionic 4. I bet ionic company is going full on ionic 4 support in creator allowing for many js frameworks to be incorporated.

Thank you Tom! much appreciated, i will do :slight_smile: