Power BI integration in ionic


Is there a way to integrate Power BI report in an ionic page. I have tried using iframe…It is working in ipad browser but it is not working in the iOS app…Am I missing something.


What does that mean?




I have hosted the browser build in a server and accessed through iPad Safari browser…It is working fine in the ipad safari browser. But when I publish it to the ios app store…It is not working.


That doesn’t make sense. You can’t publish a browser build to the app store.


If it works in the browser it doesn’t mean it will work as a compiled app.
Your best guess is to try and deploy your app as a PWA.


I published an iOS build in the appstore


Hey Thanks… I have found a solution. We have to add the below lines in config.xml to allow the app to communicate with a particular site. I made it as *, so it can connect to all domains.

<platform name="ios"> <allow-intent href="itms:*" /> <allow-intent href="itms-apps:*" /> <access origin="*" /> <allow-navigation href="*" /> ............ </platform>