PouchDB fetch failed, while using ionic webview


I have developed ionic application with ionic webview plugin, from that application i’ve navigate to iOS native page using broadcast plugin.I need data for iOS page from pouchdb. My scenario, while login my ionic application it hits our server to get one ionic application then write it on document path(which is in iOS application folder).The pages of ionic, should be shown from downloaded ionic application and pouchdb fetch code also available.Make request from iOS native page and call pouchdb fetch method using broadcast plugin, but without showing any error and response from pouchdb and nothing happened.

But important thing, if i uninstall ionic webview plugin, pouch db fetch should be done properly.While i make request from native page.It seems ionic webview plugin did some impact on pouchdb fetching.

Kindly provide solution for this case.


  • Environment: hybrid app
  • Platform: iOS
  • Adapter: cordova-sqlite
  • Server: CouchDB