POST picture and form using REST API in single request

i want to post picture capture from camera together with form using REST API. Anyone have idea how to do that using ionic 2 and above. im making app like report. so i want picture and detail fill by user send using single request. any idea? i already make it but still fail submit with picture but data form only is ok.

my html

<form (submit)="doReport()">

        <img *ngIf="repData.data_image" [src]="repData.data_image" alt="">

            <ion-col col-6>
              <button block ion-button color="primary" (click)="pictureFromCamera()">Camera</button>
            <ion-col col-6>
              <button block ion-button color="primary" (click)="pictureFromGallery()">Photo Gallery</button>
      <!-- Lat and Lng pin location -->
            <ion-label stacked>lat</ion-label>
            <ion-input type="text" name="lat" [(ngModel)]="repData.data_lat"
            <ion-label stacked>lng</ion-label>
            <ion-input type="text" name="lng" [(ngModel)]="repData.data_lng" 

        <!-- Address link with lat and lng -->
            <ion-label stacked>Address</ion-label>
            <ion-input [(ngModel)]="repData.data_address" name="address" type="text"

      <!-- Discription box -->
              <ion-label stacked>Description</ion-label>
              <ion-input [(ngModel)]="repData.data_comment" name="comment" type="text" placeholder="Explain here..." ></ion-input>

    <!-- Submit report button -->
      <button ion-button block type="submit">