Possible to trigger expression on opening sidemenu?


Like the subject says really- when the sidemenu opens, either by clicking the sidebar-open icon or by dragging, is it possible to trigger an expression somehow?


Yeah sure, we have isOpen for that.

if ($ionicSideMenuDelegate.isOpen(true)){
  //some code here



That doesn’t seem to trigger when the sidemenu is opened… http://codepen.io/squrler/pen/FvbHh


Any idea @mhartington?


Looking into this, apparently this isn’t as straight forward as the docs made it seem :smile:


Not sure why isOpen isn’t working, but this should get thing going.

  $scope.$watch(function () {
    return $ionicSideMenuDelegate.getOpenRatio();
                function (ratio) {
                  if (ratio == 1){


Thanks @mhartington! Does the trick :slight_smile:


would it be possible to switch the ‘navicon’ with ‘X’ using this method? - i’m a little lost.

any help would be appreciated.


Sure can


Thank you so much for this, works perfectly. :slight_smile: