Position sticky in scroll


Hey there,

Is it possible to have an element that’s within the scroll directive to be position sticky? It seems position: fixed or position: static are ignored for elements within ion-scroll and ion-content.

Sticky List headers

Maybe if you use overflow-scroll="true" and mess with around as it just implements a normal css overflow scroll but I’m not sure if you use the default scroll implementation.

I put this together and if you look in the dev tools you can see that it’s taking the position:sticky and rendering it correctly, but its conflicting with the scroller.

On the other hand I have this which is just a plain html/css document with position:sticky working

Since it’s not a n actual “scroll” technically but just translating the content with css and javascript .


position: stick; only works in safari. So it works in iPhone, what about Android?


So sticky list headers are going to be something that you would work out with js, like this solution.


Hi Mhartington,
I try to implement select option in sticky position. its not work properly. Please help.