Popover in ion-list with href atribute


How we implement openPopover if we already used href inside <ion-list>?

  <ion-item ng-repeat="customer in customers | filter:filters" class="item item-icon-right" on-hold="deleteCustomer({{customer.id}})" href="#/app/customers/{{customer.id}}">
    <i ng-click="openPopover($event)" class="icon ion-android-more-vertical"></i>

ng-click="openPopover($event); $event.stopPropagation();"


sory @gmarziou but it still doesn’t work, i just wanna open popover without change the state (detail customer).


Then don’t use an href on ion-tem, replace it by ng-click calling a $scope method which call $state.go()


thank you @gmarziou it works now :+1: