Popover disabled scroll on pages

Please i have a problem with ionic 2 popover, i notice when i open any page from the popover that has a scroll, the scroll is disabled, you can’t scroll down to view more contents, please what should i do?

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This was answered here

Thank you so much…

Please I just noticed that when the popover opens the page, the back doesn’t come with the back button.
here is my code

this.viewCtrl.dismiss().then(() => {

Try this.

class MyPage() { constructor(private app: App) { } ..... this.app.getNav().push(page); }

Getting this error message

TypeScript error: W:/MobileApps/ElizadeApp/app/pages/pop-over/pop-over.ts(23,16): Error TS2339: Property ‘getNav’ does not exist on type ‘App’.
9.8 MB bytes written (2.32 seconds)

I tried to sth entirely different…
when the popover shows, the background content remains scrollable and i wanna prevent that.
is that normal?

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Thank you so much, its now working.