Popover and Tall Collection Repeat Items (bug?)

To repeat, click the “open flag” button a few times, and scroll around a bit if it doesn’t error out right away.

If i have a tall collection repeat item, it appears popover does not know where to place the popover?

I’ve poked around with this a bit, and think i may have stumbled upon a bug, just wondering if any others have experience anything similar?

I’ve taken a boilerplate collection repeat, made the heights taller, and see it in any view, fullscreen, or otherwise.

(basic idea is to have a popover to flag content with collection-repeat style cards)


@mhartington (or other folks) any ideas? If necessary, i’ll slide over to github and post there? (similar, but not the same as https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/3047)

Also, keeping it positive here - thank you guys for your work on this awesome framework!

Would you mind making an issue for this?
Collection repeat is getting some work done so this will be something to consider.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Not a problem:


I have experienced same problem in my tablet application. When I have replaced ng-repeat to collection-repeat, problem get started of popover. Popover is opened at any corner of the page.
Let me know if any one get the solution.

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