Popover and PopoverComponent question

Hi all, this is my first entry to this forum. I’m new to Ionic and enjoying it very much.

One thing that came into my attention is when I was trying to implement the Popover component: looks like there’s no implementation of this particular component in Ionic 4 installation, the example on the docs give a component not found error related to the PopoverComponent.

More specific, this works fine:
import { PopoverController } from '@ionic/angular';

But this one not:
import { PopoverComponent } from '../../component/popover/popover.component';

Both taken from the docs: https://ionicframework.com/docs/api/popover

In fact looks like there’s no Component folder in my project.

At the end I managed to generate a custom popover component and got it working, but my question is if I’m missing something and if there’s indeed an easier to implement the Popover part from the custom/generate method.



there is no reason why it wouldn’t work out of the box like the docs state as per link
Such is my experience.

So no clue…


In Ionic-speak, things that jump in front of pages are overlays, and each overlay has a component in it. For some types of overlays, such as alerts or action sheets, the framework provides the component. For more general overlay types, like modals or (in your case) popovers, you are responsible for providing the component.

Ok this explains all, I kind of figured it out but couldn’t find something in the docs about it. Thanks!