Popover 2-way Data Binding to Parent Class Variable

So I’m creating a PopOver that would act as a filter for a collection of data. For the sake of example, suppose I have a page ‘BlogsPage’ that lists all blog posts. I want a popover that is brought up when clicking an icon in the navbar, and when we click certain filters within the popover, the blog posts are filtered in real-time in the backdrop.

Current Behavior:
The parent class,BlogsPage, has a public variable “blogs” which is an array of all blog posts. The template loops through the blog posts in “blogs” and displays it.

The issue I am having is how to approach passing the blogs array (with all the blogs) to the PopOver so that it is still bound to the BlogsPage ‘blogs’ variable. This way I can update the ‘blogs’ array variable in the PopOver and it can update the template and parent class accordingly.

Looked into ViewChild and @Input decorator, but I am not sure that they are the right things I am looking for. ViewChild seems to only be able to reference elements/directives/components. The @Input decorator seems like a promising route to go down, but I feel like I would have to modify ionic’s popup controller. Any help is appreciated.