Poor animation when opening/closing sidemenu

I am developing mobile web app using ionic sidemenu, but it is not as smooth as it should be. When I open sidemenu using slide left/right, I am getting less than 30 FPS.

I am using chrome in android 4.4 (moto g).

Is this once it’s wrapped with phonegap or still in the android browser?

I’ve the same issue, sliding works well, however, there a screen flash(like a page refresh). it’s working like this on iPhone 3GS.

Any idea?

Maybe since it’s on a 3GS? The device is rather old and it’s most likely at the limits of it’s hardware. Are you getting this on a newer device like a 4s or 5?

haven’t tested on 4s or 5, will let you know how I go.

@mhartington Nop. Its in android browser only.

checked this http://plnkr.co/edit/ByEJ7Ug1GqzSIMk31fZW?p=preview
in mobile browser (chrome 36) and webview (chrome 30). some frames are below 30 FPS.

have the same issue on 4s and 5 - I believe it’s ionic loading screen appearing and disappearing when navigating between pages. how do I stop this?

Thanks in advance,

I’ve been getting this issue on all iPhone devices… it only happen on back button click.
Appericate your hep on this. Thanks in advance.

Ok… I’ve fixed it.
I’ve ng-app declared at html tag level, after moving it to body the screen refresh has disappeared.

Hope this helps someone in the future.