Plugin not installed but i installed!

hi,im using ionic2.
i installed camera plugin from:

and install :@ionic-native/camera for native plugin
but i run the app on device and i want to take picture, ionic give me error!!
that error is :slight_smile:
main.js:207 Native: tried calling Camera.getPicture, but the Camera plugin is not installed.
main.js:212 Install the Camera plugin: ‘ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-camera’

please help me
thank you

have you added plugin in providers array ?

Yes i added Camera to providers in app.module file
And still i have problem with this…

please check the camera folder is present or not inside the node_modules->@ionic-native

thank u for your response,yes camera folder is there,and whats next step ?

please run cordova plugin list command in your terminal and check there camera plugin present or not.

I have the same issue… When I run “cordova plugin list” I can see the “Camera” plugin

Try deleting all generated/builded code/files/folders

  • node_modules
  • platforms (perform ionic cordova platform rm android / ios first)
  • plugins
  • www

Reboot computer and reinstall the dependencies

  • npm i
  • ionic cordova platform add android / ios (will create the platform and install the plugins automatically)
  • ionic cordova run android / ios

Not sure if this will help, but it can’t hurt to try.


I had the same issue and took me about an hour to figure it out. When you install the plugin, make sure there are no warning messages. In my case it said the version of Cordova is not compatible with the plugin version. So I updated my Cordova, removed the Android platform, add the platform again and then add the plugin.

In my case it gives exception with message cannot find plugin.xml for corodova-plugin-geolocation while I already uninstalled the plugin and that is not listed by corodova plugin list
the code is a mess could have been far productive develop in native platform with the time it is taking to trace out issues, debugging, build time…

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I installed cordova-plugin-sim .it is working in android properly .in ios it is showing plugin not installed .
can any one help me to auto fetch phone number from ios.i am trying to fetch phone number from device .

Did you found a solution for that? I am having a same issue with cordova-crop plugin. I added it manually to plugins folder and when I wanna use it, I get error plugin not installed. BUt when I do cordova plugin list I see the plugin there

This is why I dont like Ionic at all, and prefer Java Native to do Android and so on. Ionic always error all the time. When it worked a few months ago, and when you run it again, it turns error. The library or the framework is like a joke, wasting time. What you want to create is a button, but when this error comes, it takes hundreds project hold on just to fix the error. Delete node_modes, delete platform, delete this and delete that. Run again this and again that. Shit, is this a framework? You know what? I can create two layout pages while waiting to delete the bunch of node_modules, and two more page while waiting npm install again. The framework is just like spams for me.