Plugin data exchange stops working

Hi, i wrote a Plugin, which starts a native Chat Window by starting a new Activity on Android and and presenting a new ViewController on iOS.

On Android the communication always stops working after exact 5 minutes. Calling Plugin Methods from JS like Capacitor.Plugins.MyPlugin.method() and also firing JS Events from Java like this.bridge.triggerJSEvent(“event”, “document”); stops working.

What I see is, that the onPause and onStop events of the MainActivity gets called, when I start the ChatActivity, and the App ‘thinks’ it is in the background. But I don’t know if it has anything to do with my problem. Looks like, the Plugin System are going to sleep after 5 minutes.

Any ideas?

ionic cli is 6.13.1
npx 7.9.0
capacitor 2.4.6