Pls help me sir

sira parin

  1. Your topic title doesn’t describe your problem, please change it.
  2. You posted a screenshot without any context and without an error message or question. What do you want from us?

To solve the PostCSS problem go to node_nodules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/sass.js and replace

var postcssOptions = {
  to: path_1.basename(sassConfig.outFile),
  map: autoPrefixerMapOptions


var postcssOptions = {
  from: undefined,
  to: path_1.basename(sassConfig.outFile),
  map: autoPrefixerMapOptions

@Sujan12 This is a nice fix - is there any plans to update Ionic?

There is already a pull request:

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I have no idea - I am just a community moderator and don’t work for Ionic :slight_smile:

But that PR is a good idea. You should all +1 it.

My apologies I always thought your worked fro Ionic.


How can I do a +1? Do you mean a thumb up reaction to the first conversation entry?

Yes, or one of those ugly comments that just say “+1” and everybody hates :wink:


Just updated Ionic CLI to 3.19.1 and had to modify the node_nodules/@ionic/app-scripts/dist/sass.js file again.

Yes, as long as this bug is not fixed by Ionic, we have to do it manually with every update or new installation.

Am I missing something?
It seems like a coding error in sass.js and would not take more than a minute to fix by the Ionic team.

Maybe it was posted to late, so that it did not make it into the update on 18th jan. But there are only 14 open pull requests so I think they will include it in the next app-scripts version. Just give it a thumb up on github.

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I don’t think English is his first language - and the more we help users the better for everyone.