Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views, etc


@Vargash: Good idea on chaining configs: done


@ferretizer I just made a change so that when you navigate to a page from the left menu, which has the menuClose attribute directive, then the back button will not show and the menu toggle continues to show. Is it now doing what you’d expect it to do now? (Build 709 or later)



Thanks @adam,

I have just tried 710 and it seems to behave like it should (like beta13).

I will try more in detail, on device and ensure that I’m not overriding it anywhere manually but the behaviour seems ok.


@adam. I have tried a bit more, the states are correct when navigating forward but not when navigating backward.

I have modified the codepen here:
[updated example][1]

if you follow this sequence:

  • open menu, select check-in (correct icon)
  • click on the attendee link (correct icon back to check-in)
  • click on back to event check-in
  • your are back at the check-in page but with the wrong icon (back to welcome). The expected state / icon should be to open the menu.



No @robbert0, I haven’t had a chance to spend much more time on it. I did however roll back to 1.0.0-beta.13 and it is working fine again.


@adam here codepen for debugging:

and here is the codepen when service did change:



I’ve copied my project and updated it to your lasted nightly build 711 ( all CSS and JS files ).

I’m facing the following problems:

  • On the first page, the content starts behind the header bar.
  • When I tab to an second screen, the content starts 100px below the header bar.
  • I can’t see my sidemenu toggle button (in the header bar) anymore.
  • The sidemenu can’t open on a swipe event

I can’t see any errors in the console log.

I’ve updated all title attributes to view-title, so all titles of the templates are working.
I’ve also removed the animation attributes from the nav views and nav bars.

All javascript is working. (services and controllers) But the content is broken now.


I’m having problems with the updated Slide Box. The next, previous, and enableSlide functions appear to do nothing. Will look into it further in the morning, but I thought I’d mention it here just incase.


@arrie1992 would you be able to create a codepen replicating the issue


@ferretizer I updated the menuClose directive again, but this time it’ll reset the history for the next view, which should solve the issue described. Build 712 or later.

Thank you for creating a codepen and describing how to replicate the issue, it really helps to narrow down the problem. Thanks!


@Maton @robbert0 If your error is dealing with $filterProvider it may have to do more with the upgrade from Angular 1.2 to 1.3, rather than Ionic itself. I haven’t come across that, would you be able create a codepen that replicates that issue?


@auro I see your two codepens, but could you elaborate on what I’m looking for, and describe in detail what I have to do to replicate the issue you’re having? Thanks


My nav bar is completely broken… didn’t think I was doing anything special but it’s getting a hide class added when I’ve got a view that has a sub-header.

Not only that but I have to set z-indexes on the menu icon and content within the nav (we have a custom logo in there).

If I remove the hide class in the debugger and add the z-indexes everything is working… except that removing the hide class gives me extra space for another header?



      <ion-nav-bar class="bar-stable">
	  <span class="nav-bar-logo"></span>
	  <button menu-toggle="left" class="button button-icon icon ion-navicon"></button>

      <ion-nav-view name="menuContent">
                <!-- when this view has a ion-header-bar class="bar-subheader" then main nav is hidden -->


<ion-side-menu side="left">  ...etc </ion-side-menu/>


Ah sorry my mistake, i wrote it inside the JS panel.

First Codepen ( )
Collection Repeat items are on the same position after opening a Modal on a different View.
To Reproduce:
Step 1: go to tab Contact
Step 2: open Modal
Step 3: close Modal
Step 4: go To tab Home
Now Collection Repeat Items are on same Position

Second Codepen ( )
Collection Repeat items are not re render after view switch.
To Reproduce:
Step 1: go to tab Contact
Step 2: open Modal
Step 3: click button Remove all Data
Step 4: close Modal
Step 5: go to tab About it should show {}
Step 6: go To tab Home
Now Collection Repeat Items are on same Position and not deleted.

I think the last codepen is more like a problem with cached Views that the Controller is not being executed.
(not sure if it is intended to do so)


If I replace

<ion-header-bar class="bar-subheader"></ion-header-bar>


<div class="bar bar-subheader"></div>

Then I’m back in business, except now has-header isn’t benig placed properly in my view :frowning: so content is under the sub-header.

Also, I had to remove ANYTHING from my <ion-nav-bar> and put them inside <ion-nav-buttons> whithin each view, including my left side-menu button.

Getting closer!


gah, except now my sub-header is stuck within every ion-view… and my navs don’t work on any other page. This is so confusing.


hi, folks

I just learn to use ionic for two weeks. Well, it is much better than jQM I think.

the Cached Views Feature is attractive. Now, I can set parameters in ionicConfig for it.
My question One is how to disable cache for a specific view ?

My question two is about the performance.
I have monitored the changes for memories, it consumes 35MB more memories after I am using nightly build. Is there limitation for ionic app for iOS ?




Hope to get an attribute to disable the cache feature for a specific view.


@adam. Oops resposeInterceptors has been changed to just interceptors . :frowning:

And my slider fails appear on view with nightly .



Yes there is a slide box issue. In beta 13 slides were working fine. Here is an example of what I have on beta 13:

    <ion-slide-box style="height:180px; top: 44px;">
            <img src="images/1.png" class="slider-images">
	        <img src="images/2.png" class="slider-images">
            <img src="images/3.png" class="slider-images">
      <!-- etc -->

When I upgraded to nightly, the slide box did not appear in view. Though inspecting it showed that it did have width and height of 450px and height 320px set.