Playing m3u8 on ionic 3

Hi Experts,

I want to add a player inside my app for live streaming. Live streaming URL will be in m3u8 form which will be generated by Nimble Streamer. Please suggest the player and method to achieve the same. I am using ionic 3 with angular4.
PS: my development skills are not very good so would be great if someone can share a working demo or tutorial link.

Appreciate your help in advance.


Use the Videogular library with Hls.js.

Thanks @Sujan12. Will be able to share some reference documentation?

You should be able to just use the Ionic Media plugin here

constructor(private media: Media) {
    this.file ="linkToYourfile.m3u8");
  play() {;

Just follow the installation instructions and copy/paste one of their examples.

Oh wow. So this supports HLS on iOS & Andoid both? And my manifest file will be in m3u8 format.