Play sound files from apk expansion files using cordova media plugin ionic 3

i have sounds files(110 mb) in my app , due to this my app size is 130 mb , so i have uploaded sound files as expansion file on play store.
Now the point is that when it is being downloaded in “android/obb/packageName”, how can i play them using “media plugin”

I have tried extracting the files from “.obb” file and place them into internal storage directory i.e /storage/emulated/0, so the path of file , which i want to play is “/storage/emulated/0/appName/sounds/file_name.mp3”, but not able to play

version of ionic is : 3.19.1
version of cordova is : 7.0.1
npm version: 3.10.10
node version: 6.10.0

please reply as soon as possible, is anyone has the solution. any help is appreciated