Platform browser distribution

Hello there,

i have the following question:
Besides the distributions for Android and IOS the client wants to use the app in a browser.
So is it possible to send him the “platform -> browser” package, and he is able to start (via shortcut e.g.) the app locally in his browser, without running the serve command?
Info: There will be no native plugins used.

Thanks in advance!

Hi aflecler,

You just have to send it to him, there is a index.html in the computed package browser. You can try on your computer, it may work.

Hi @aflecler :wave:

I don’t recommend you to use Cordova’s browser platform, it doesn’t have any benefits and just complicates things.

You can just run ionic build --prod and use the files in the www folder and upload them to a web server. If you do the latter, remember to rewrite all non-existing routes to index.html in the web server config or you will get 404 errors in your app routes (as they don’t really exist as directories).


thank you so much!
i´ll give it a try.