Photoviewer is asking for permission

I’m using PhotoViewer ( ) as a native plugin.

I have some photos saves in the assets, but when it tries to load them (i have it on click) it asks for permission : Allow to PROGRANAMe access phoots, media andfiles on your device?

I was wondering (since it’ll fear people for only viewing already existing photos in the assets folder) if we can disable this permission asking.
Maybe if we put {share:false} but even if that works (i havent tested) this option is only available for android ?

I don’t think so. As far as I know, it’s automatic.

Is there any alternative for zoom/pan photos that will not ask for permission to access media on the device ? Any suggestions please?

This I do not know. Very sorry.

same problem here on android.

There are many alternatives I have used the one below (HTML based), and it is working well for me.

anyone has an alternative for using native photo viewer without the permission issue?