PhoneRTC for ChatApp

Hi Ionites,

I’ve been doing chat application using PhoneRTC but sadly it doesn’t work, does anyone implement this plugin? Anybody can help?


What doesn’t work exactly? I’ve successfully added PhoneRTC audio calling to a chat app of mine. If you can outline what troubles you’re having I can try my best to walk you through it

I am finding difficulty in implementing the demo to my ionic app… I follow the steps but not seems to work… all I have is the login and after I login it shows blank screen…

hi, this topic is quite old but i still could not make it work, please help.
i’m using ionic 1 and start adding voicechat feature to my app, in my case, errors raised as i mention bellow
・when i trying to run in browser, error message shows that
→ i have already added turn server info to my config, but no luck

・when i ran on android
app was crashed at step create session
var session = new cordova.plugins.phonertc.Session(config);
do you have any advice?
thanks in advance.

i think you need a turn credential for phonertc to work


var config = { 
        isInitiator: isInitiator,
        turn: {
          host: '',
          username: '',
          password: 'muazkh'
        streams: {
          audio: true,
          video: true

i had working turn server ( already tested by this site )
and also had config like yours
but i don’t really know why i could not create RTCPeerConnection (;_;)

@anicacute09 do you have any working source code of this, it’s so great if you can share to me, thanks

maybe something’s wrong with applying codes or installing of the plugin…

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it was just the same as the demo codes/sample ionic app that phonertc offer…

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