PayPal How to send payments?

I am writing an app using the Native PayPal libraries.

I have been looking at the documentation, and it all looks fine, for payments to your own PayPal Account. As you can see here, when PayPal is initialized a client ID associated with your account is used. It receives payment to this account.

  "PayPalEnvironmentProduction": "YOUR_PRODUCTION_CLIENT_ID",
  "PayPalEnvironmentSandbox": "YOUR_SANDBOX_CLIENT_ID"
}).then(() => {
  // Environments: PayPalEnvironmentNoNetwork, PayPalEnvironmentSandbox, PayPalEnvironmentProduction
  PayPal.prepareToRender('PayPalEnvironmentSandbox', new PayPalConfiguration({
    // Only needed if you get an "Internal Service Error" after PayPal login!
    //payPalShippingAddressOption: 2 // PayPalShippingAddressOptionPayPal
  })).then(() => {
    let payment = new PayPalPayment('3.33', 'USD', 'Description', 'sale');
    PayPal.renderSinglePaymentUI(payment).then(() => {

My app is aiming to allow users to make payments to each other. But My account is the middle-man. It will receive the payment from the sender (minus PayPals fee), take a 1% fee, and make a payment to the receiver. This is the same as the Uber model.


I can see from the api, that it is possible to receive payments, but how do you send payments?

Will the receiver need to register their card details?

I am not sure what the general plan should be here.

If anyone can offer some advise, I would appreciate it.

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Were you able to get this working? I am about to attempt the same type of thing; when I figure it out I will post it here to help others