Pause and resume download using file-transfer plugin or any other plugin ionic 3

I am developing a video streaming app for iOS using Ionic 3 which has a feature of downloading the video and keep it for offline usage. I am able to download the video using file-transfer plugin when the app is running but if i minimize or close the app my download fails. I cant keep the app running in background using Background Mode plugin, because of limitations of apps allowed to run in background by Apple, it will be rejected during approval phase.
Is there a way to pause an active download when the app is closed and as soon as the app relaunches it could resume from last downloaded position using any Native plugin.
I am sorry, if i have posted in wrong section. I tried researching on this scenario and didn’t find any solution. I would really appreciate any help for this issue. Thanks!!!

Hi @mrtipster49,
Do you have any solution? I am facing the same :expressionless:


Hi, any solution to this?