Path File of Images browser / android


Hi to everyone!

While my image files in www/img are working in browser, it seems that when I build the app for android it try to search it on here:

 GET file:///android_asset/img/windbtn.png net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND 

Do you know how to fix this?

I’m currently using this for displaying the images:

                <img src="../img/windbtn.png">

And yes I change this into this for make it work in android:

                <img src="../www/img/windbtn.png">

… but like this is not working in the browser, is there any way to make it work in both of them?


I had the same problem. This should work everywhere.

<img src="img/windbtn.png">

This is because paths are relative to index.html


Thank you very much, this fix the problem :slight_smile: