Passing value from tab page

I want to pass the value in “this.nav.get(‘ID’)” from the homepage to three other pages and I was wondering
how I can do that and how to get the value in the pages since the homepage is just tabs

constructor(public navCtrl: NavController,public nav:NavParams){


  <ion-tabs #tabs tabsPlacement="bottom">
    <ion-tab [tabTitle]="item.title" [root]="" *ngFor="let item of data;let i = index"></ion-tab>

I found a solution to problem in this link

I don’t think any of the options in your link are the best here, presuming that this ‘ID’ data is some sort of app-wide global state. In that case, I would instead stash it in a service provider which is injected in every page that needs access it. Generally speaking, that number can often be zero, because in most cases you can factor all the work that needs that ID into the service itself.