Passing parameters from app.component.ts

Hi there

Still a bit new with Ionic 2 but would like to know if it is possible to pass a string parameter from app.component.ts.

Where I set the root page. this.rootPage = HomePage;

I want to pass this string to the HomePage

What do you want to pass to where and what exactly do you need it for?

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during navigation you would pass those stuff with navParams.

If you would have an ordinary component you would use inputs (@Input)

In your case it is a little bit strange… maybe you should explain why you want to pass data to this component.

I would create a service --> with a function that creates a long living observable.
AppComponent would set data the observable would spread to all subscribers --> so you HomePage would subscribe to this value.

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I did manage thanks

I was under the impression that an instance of push would only be available on start up of the app and that I had to somehow send the device token to wherever I needed to navigate as I wanted to associate this token with the user details and save it in the database.

It does however appear as if this token is globally available.

Thanks abyway