Passing input data from Angular app inside another iframe'd Angular app

I’m using ionic-angular for a webRTC android app and the only way I’ve gotten the webRTC part to function is by putting it inside an iframe in my angular app. So I have a an App within an App … app inception one might say :slight_smile:

Anyways I made a bare-bones example below. I need to get data from input fields from settings tab and move them to different parts of the App, including moving them inside the 2nd angular app with a different ng-app name.

When I use services/controllers examples in documentation where the html templates are all inline in a single file, I get it to work, but when I’ve tried using ngStorage or anything else in the way I have my file structure setup below, my application just shows nothing. I would be really grateful if someone can show me a snippet of where to include either services or controllers within the project structure I have below to be able to reuse the inputed data in different parts of the app including getting it inside the iframe if possible. and here is the source code for the little example:

To anyone taking a look at it, I’ve been stuck for a bit and I could really use a hand so thank you for you time

If it’s running inside an iframe then I don’t think you can communicate with it, especially if they’re two angular apps. The idea of angular is that it’s supposed to be 100% in the scope of each individual app declaration. I assume local storage has problems with the iFrame for security maybe? Javascript has some weird quirks like that.

Your best bet is to have a shared API or a server running that duplicates the data. The way you have it probably isn’t going to work :S

Is Antonvolt the RTC you’re attempting to access? They’d be the ones you need to ask for a developers API of sorts so you can pass data back and forth.


Doing some further research, this MAY be possible, but you’d have to have the source of the WebRTC.

Hey North, thank you your reply. It’s actually what I tried originally as I mentioned with ngStorage I also tried a local storage alternative. However I’m not that good with angular yet and can’t seem to do a proper job setting this part up. Actually I’m even having trouble correctly passing data entered from a user in the settings tab, to a label in another tab. I can do it following the examples in the documentation, but my structure isn’t exactly like that and whenever I try my app kind of breaks eventually.

Here’s the source, what would you suggest is the best way to do the above even without iframes:

(my name is Anton Voltchok , AntonVolt is just my domain name, there’s not really a webRTC “api” since it’s a combination of things, my makeshift solution :smile: