Passing Data to ion-input from API for editing

Am building and ionic App from an API, I have passed the user data to an edit form for editing but the data doesn’t display using the value="{{ }}" so I can edit.
Can someone explain to me how to make this data visible before editing? so that users can see the actual data they want to edit after clicking on the edit link. So far I can view the data on my console but don’t know how to make it visible on web.

What if you use it like this?

<ion-input [(ngModel)]=""></ion-input>

I can’t use that because it’s an edit form. Am passing data to the form from the server to edit and then submit so using the method will make it look like this
<ion-input [(ngModel)]=“” [(ngModel)]=“” >
which is not an acceptable.
I bring data to the form an API, edit and submit.

could you supply some more details? what do you mean ‘creating from api’ and if you have the data and its web, why not just pass it in directly ?

That’s what I wanna do. The data is from web and I want to pass it to a form where I can edit from there.

Look into FormBuilder tech within angular

Ok. Will check it out.