Passing data between two apps

This question might be a little bit weird but is there any way to pass data between two apps? Let’s say I’ve got an app that generates an unique key. Now user can open another app and make a HTTP request using this token but it must be passed somehow. Is there any way to make it without using the server?

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You could generate a key and save it on the filesystem in one of the directories where other apps could access it :slight_smile: It’s not thát secure though, every other app could access those files as well :wink:

Use deeplinks?

Or merge the apps for better ui

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LOL, deeplinks is a much much better way to do this indeed :slight_smile:

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Both storage and deeplink seem horrible to me

Then again, he did mention it was a bit weird!

So curious about the details of the use case. Maybe he wants to share?

@iwantwin @Tommertom I tried using Storage but it doesn’t seem to work across two apps.

first app:

saveData() {'key', 'TEST123123123123');

second app:

loadData() {'key').then((data) => {
      console.log("DATA: ", data);

I thought that it won't work like that, how can I access the same storage from two independent apps? Maybe define a path to it or something?

i would hope you could never do this, because that would open the door for others to grab data from any app.


I would setup a webservice that both apps can access with some sort of auth

just my Humble opinion

I know that it’s not a good solution but I don’t know if I will be able to use server with saved values.

Try deeplinking

Likely to the best bet for you


I agree with you @tommertom!