Pass Parameter in tabs and get user ID

Based on the tabs demo and chat param.

I want to show user based on there id.

i do not understand this ID things, Should it absolutly be 0,1,2,3,4,5…???

If it begin with any number. 9 for this exemple it do not work.

var smss = [{
        id: '9',
        name: 'Ben Sparrow',
        lastText: 'You on your way?',
        face: 'img/ben.png',
        phone: '4181231234'
  }, {
        id: '1',
        name: 'Max Lynx',
        lastText: 'Hey, it\'s me',
        face: 'img/max.png'
  }, {
        id: '2',
        name: 'Adam Bradleyson',
        lastText: 'I should buy a boat',
        face: 'img/adam.jpg'

it’s only work if the id number is in order begining by 0.

    angular.forEach(smss, function (value, key) {

        if ( === smsId)
            return smss[smsId];



    smss.forEach(function (sms) {

        if ( === smsId) {

            return smss[smsId];


What i really want, is that the ID will be the user phone number.
id: ‘123-123-1234’,

I do not understand why the id should absolutly be 0,1,2,3,4 ect…