Pass form variables to new view


I’m very new to ionic/angular and trying to post multiple radio selections to a new view and display their values. Here’s the gist of what I want to do.

Let’s say I have two groups of radio buttons Q1 (vals= A1, A2, A3) and Q2 (vals= A1, A2, A3) in a view (the number of questions could fluctuate; the questions and values are being loaded using ng-repeat). On click or submit, I’d like to pass the selected answer values to a new view showing results (likely using ng-switch or processed during transition to new view).

What’s the best way of doing this? I’ve read about factories and services and can’t quite get my head around them for this example. In the PHP world, I’d likely pass to a new page (or self) with a querystring and use switches to show answer for Q1.A1.

Sadly, I know this is very elementary, but I keep thinking from a PHP perspective and am stuck in a loop. Anyone care to illuminate?