Page reload After Push an Tab

When i Push the ion-Tabs the Pages no reload. What can i do?

One thing you could do is cease caring about when pages load.


Can you share your source code?

I root from the Tabs Page, the First Page what is rooting about the TabsPage is the HomePage. Wenn i Switch with the Tabs betwen Home and Settingspage, the Pages do Not refresh. In the Homepage i Write data in a sqllite Database on the device and in the Settingspage i can edit or delete the datas in the sqllite Database.

There are several things in this design that are problematic. SQLite should not be used for in-app communication; only for persisting data across app restarts. You shouldn’t care about the concept of a page “refreshing”. All interaction with backend data, whether it be network or local storage, should be done in service providers, not in pages.

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