Page loading twice ?!? [resolved]


I’m in a big trouble with my app. I don’t understand why, my PhotoPage is loading twice. Could anyone help me ?


will you post the following info so people could help you
1- relative code
2- what did you try to solve the problem
3- your ionic info output


How are you testing?
Why do you think it is loading twice?


If you are doing ionic serve -l (lab), the browser loads once for each type of platform tested (up to 3 if you include windows, more often 2 with android and ios)


I didn’t completed my post yesterday because of my internet connexion…and I didn’t published my snippets.
But I resolved my trouble. In my Formulaire html page, I closed my <form> after the submit form ion-button.
Big mistake :slight_smile: That’s why my PhotoPage loaded twice.

Now, I closed my <form> before my submit form button and all is fine.