Page Blank Due To ion-page-invisible Not Getting Removed

We ran into an issue with some pages being blank after mounted due to ion-page-invisible class not getting removed.

I know there’s other issues in the forum related to ion-page-invisible but thought I’d share our information in case it helps fix the issue or provides a workaround for others.

In our app it occurs when moving from Logout to Login to Home, all using this.$router.replace in Vue since we’re not pushing new pages, only replacing the root page. Perhaps this scenario doesn’t trigger removing the ion-page-invisible class?

As a workaround, we’ve added the following code to our mounted in our Home page which manually removes the ion-page-invisible class.


if it is a bug, maybe post all the code, through a sample project and open an issue so that a real solution and not a workaround can be provided

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