Outlook mail in app ionic

I am with the need to implement the api of outlook in an ionic application. I need access to calendar, contacts and emails. However I have seen a tutorial on the official microsoft page where I have to create a project from Visual Studio 0, implement ionic and other tools. Unfortunately I can not do that because I have the project working, quite complex and I can not from 0. I wanted to know if someone has already done this before or if there is any tutorial or plugin to be able to consume the api.

Post the link.

What exactly is the problem why you can’t follow that tutorial? I don’t understand what you wrote.

Sorry for my english What I can not do is that they need to create a cordova project in visual studio. I have a project already done and I can not pass it to a javascript cordova project and implement ionic and other things. I leave you the link Tutorial

This tutorial is for Ionic v1. Is your project also Ionic v1?

But in general it looks like you can just start from headline #3 (en: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn911025(v=vs.120).aspx#Anchor_3, es: https://msdn.microsoft.com/es-es/library/dn911025(v=vs.120).aspx#Anchor_3) and it should work. Or not?