Otp authentication in ionic 4

Hai, I am trying to perform phone number authentication(i,e OTP verification) in my new app(ionic v-4), I just want to know,apart from firebase is there any other provider which works good for both android and ios devices.

Also for me the firebase phone authentication does not send my phone OTP code in SMS!!

I have tried with my friends and they receive the same code everytime.

Not sure how this works.

It looks like it is very buggy!!

Try out duphlux.com I’ve built a fully functional SDK on this https://bitbucket.org/Ojhey/duphluxsdk/src/Public

Hello @Ojhey

Is there Ionic 5 version of your Duphlux SDK?

The current version works on ionic 5 as well

@Ojhey, i am very new to mobile development and Ionic and Javascriptas well…

I have an ionic app that’s running onto woocommerce… I just need is changing its sign up and login pages. New signup pages should be able to have input masks to make customer enters his number correctly and after signup&login, it can run with wordpress’s members system.

Can you tell me how i can use your SDK and Duphlux’s sms system with my app?

Thank you…

Let me notify you that sms feature in duphlux is currently unavailable…
What it currently does is to verify a phone number authenticity by receiving a call (toll free) from the phone number you intend to verify.
So if this is what you’re looking for then duphlux is an option for you, it’s like an alternative to the conventional sms otp.